Fake Van Life


VANLIFE DIARIES: Not gonna lie, I’ve been slightly embarrassed to post any pictures of the van. I get many messages about how we do “vanlife,” and each time I get more nervous about showing you all how Eric and I have decided to do life in the city of Nashville.

Because truth is, we kind of live like squatters in Eric’s yard. And it’s kind of weird.

I bought this van over a year ago, really stoked to be “on the road,” living minimally and not having to pay rent... because #fuckthat.

But after just 4 MONTHS, the van broke down, and it was not drivable. I became carless. 
Deciding to backpack the PCT was another way of delaying the process to buy a new van... so basically.... We’ve been living in a yard with a liveable stationary van. #vanlifeish

Before you say it, let me go ahead and say that we recognize that this is the strangest living situation. We constantly laugh about how we are the trashiest humans in our beautiful neighborhood. But for now, it somehow works for us. Why?

Well, Eric gets to live in the yard of the house he is completely remodeling, and I get to reenact the PCT, minus all the working out and being in the middle of nowhere. It is definitely a challenge, but we take it day by day and embrace the simple yet odd life choice.

And guess what?

We love every minute of it.

December 20, 2018

Grizel Williams