Dear Griz,
Here you are. In Mexico. You finally made it.

Take a moment...breath. Feel the wind. Breath deeper.

You did it.

And God, was it hard. You’ve imagined this moment a million times, and you doubted this moment just as many times.

But you never gave up, did you? 
You experienced loneliness. You felt defeated. Depression and anxiety made their appearances. You felt scared, fed up, and angry. Your body ached. You were injured.

But you never gave up, did you? 
I’m proud of you. Only you and I truly know the challenges we faced... But we never gave up, did we? 
So what now? 
Oh, my love... this is only the beginning. I have so much more for you.

And I’m coming with you.

Let the adventures begin.

Forever yours, 
Your Truest self.

November 7th, 2018

Grizel WilliamsComment