Once upon a time…

there was a gal and her pup who decided it was time for an adventure of a lifetime. 

Hi, my name is Grizel and this is Rue, and we are hiking the Appalachian trail starting March 9th, 2019. We feel all kinds of excited for this journey, and are aware of the rollercoaster of emotions ahead. After completing a solo hike of the PCT in 2018, I got hooked on what a thru hike entails, how it brings me joy, and the beauty that blossoms within myself and others. After 3 months of being off trail, I craved more-more learning, more growing, and more beauty of this wonderful earth-but this time, I’m bringing my best friend with me.

Rue is a 3 year old rescue Rhodesian Ridgeback Mutt and has brought me more joy than I thought a pup could. Her favorite things include being outside, long walks, and long cuddles. You can find her beating every other dog in a race battle or jumping in rivers and lakes after a stick. She’s independent, strong, and sometimes has too much of a mind of her own.

And, I think she’s the best contestant for an adventure like this.

I don’t know what lies ahead over the next few months. I don’t know what challenges we will face or what we will learn, but I can promise you that we will remain honest and true to this experience, that we will continue to listen to our bodies and our souls, and that we will share what it really takes to put one step in front of the other on the Appalachian trail. 

Let the adventure begin.