PCT 2018

PCT 2018

A little More about Me

I was born in Miami, Florida, raised by my beautiful Latino Family. Unfortunately, my family and I suffered through severe trauma and after living there for 10 years, my 3 sisters and Mother moved to a small town in East Tennessee. There, I would eventually receive my Masters in Psychology in Counseling, as well as my love for the outdoors.

The wonderful bond between introspect and nature was a way for me to deal with my past trauma. Being a therapist, as well as seeking a therapist throughout my own life, I learned that being outside and challenging myself to face my fears is what would help me face my inner demons and closeted miseries.

Since learning of the gift that Mother Nature brings, I have made it a life mission to continue experiencing the outdoors in various fashions, as well as inspire others to do the same. I have struggled with depression and loneliness for most of my life. Loneliness and insecurity have driven me to dark corridors where I feel like there is no escape. And I have a feeling I am not alone in this.

So, my dear Reader, I hope that you will read these small stories and feel like you are not alone. I hope you will experience these narratives and understand that you belong, simply because you are you. And that’s enough.